Sunday, November 28, 2010

A trip to Eataly!

In true New York fashion, Deena and I decided to spend our Sunday afternoon stuffing our faces with food. Instead of going to brunch we decided to check out Eataly by Madison Sq. Park. 

Mario Batali I give you major props for this market; it was freakin' amazing! The selection of fresh, genuine, tasty products is absolutely astounding but kind of overwhelming. The market deserves a few trips in order to gain a true appreciation. Although the place was PACKED, it wouldn't have been the same experience w/o the crowd. 

But anyways I bought: Pizza margherita, Venchi Unico Dark Chocolate with Cocoa cream, a soft vanilla cream cookie with fondant, and rustic fig bread.

The chocolate bar was intense with flavor; the bread had whole pieces of fig (i will try that for b'fast tomorrow); the cookie was okay--I think it requires more of an acquired taste bc of the spongy-ness; but the pizza holy shit! The Pizza maybe one of the best I have ever had. Maybe even better than pizza in Italy. I think because Eataly is so busy their products have to be fresh and the pizza tasted as hough it was made from the finest and freshest ingredients.

This place is def worth another trip...once I have more $ in my wallet and an empty stomach.

Fresh Pasta
Dessert Counter

Deena enjoying her pizza

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